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Listen. Learn. Act.

Why do I want to be your Regional Councillor?

Being the Local Councillor for Clarington Ward 1 this past term has been one of
the greatest honours I have had. I love doing the job. Working with residents to
have their voices heard, advocating for them, answering their questions and
keeping them informed on Municipal issues has been a challenge and very


I have learned so much about Municipal Government over the past four years,
from Bylaw to Planning and Development to how we can improve the quality of
life of the residents in Clarington. I want to do more. I want to tackle the
Regional Issues and continue to move Durham forward as we grow.
Ultimately I love living in Clarington and I feel very fortunate to be a member of
this community. I want to continue to build it as a great place to live, work and


Janice believes that in order to serve the people of Clarington she must first listen, look to learn, and then act. This is the foundation on which she is seeking your support in this October's election. 



Meet Janice Jones

Janice has lived in Clarington since 1998 when she and her husband Roy bought their first home in Bowmanville. They have raised two children and now live in Courtice. She has strong family roots in
Bowmanville, and was taught the importance of service to community by her parents.


Janice holds Undergraduate and Masters degrees from the University of Toronto. As a Nurse Practitioner with Lakeridge Health specializing in the care of seniors, Janice's academic skills are put to work, whilst also informing her abilities as a community leader. ​

Involvement in Community 

  • Clarington Accessibility Committee

  • Clarington Affordable Housing Committee

  • First Chair of Clarington Active Transportation Safe Roads Committee, then Council Liason

  • CLOCA (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority)

  • Clarington Library Board 2017-2019

  • Advocated for Courtice Youth Centre which opened 2018

  • Original Member of the South Courtice Neighbourhood Association

  • Hospice Durham Board 2000-2003





"Janice has been an excellent representative and advocate for our area. She has been a huge asset to our Facebook community group Courtice Community Connect where she is frequently active, directly responding to resident’s requests and needs and helping community members feel as if they have a voice on Council. Janice has also excelled in getting prompt action taken on items of concern in the community, which has been a refreshing change from the past. Our entire admin team at Courtice Community Connect wholeheartedly endorses Janice in her election run for Regional Councillor."

Mark Morissette, resident of Clarington

Janice works hard as a team player on Council and gets the best results for

Jim Boate, resident of Clarington

" I have had the honour to work side by side with Janice Jones as I am a Registered Nurse. Janice is not only a patient advocate, but an advocate for our community. She is a smart, hard-working, dedicated and above all else, an honest person. Janice Jones does not accept "this is the way it has always been done". She uses her critical thinking and evidence-based research to support the positive changes that our community, both inside the hospital and outside, deserve. Thank you Janice for making our community a better one!"

Kate Nolte, Registered Nurse 

"Janice has been a great councillor for our community. She goes out of her way to listen to everyone, not just in-person, but also online in the Courtice Community Facebook group, making sure our voices are heard. She is someone we can depend on to make our community even better! She has achieved so many things as a councillor, there is no doubt that she will be a great regional councillor. We need someone who really cares about the community, listens to everyone, and ensures actions are taken while advocating and representing our community in the right way.

Hannah Cho, Courtice Resident 

“Janice is the most proactive councillor I have ever met in her job. She treated her first 4 years as Local Councillor Ward 1 as an honour, and the job needed to be done in that term. This is rare for politicians.

I have had the privilege of working with Janice on many community initiatives. When I wanted to put in outdoor skating rinks with the help of small businesses  in Courtice and Bowmanville to provide an activity for residents during Covid, she immediately got behind the initiative and ensured that paperwork & red tape at Council and staff did not prevent the project from going ahead for the residents.

She also advocated and supported initiatives for our small business community during lockdowns and with her Nursing practioner background, supported the initiative on providing Rapid Test kits to employers in Clarington.

I fully endorse Janice Jones for Regional Councillor Ward 1 & 2. Her experience & passion, compassion for people and proactive approach to move key initiatives forward are critical as we move Clarington forward to create a better community for residents and our small businesses."

Mark Canning
Community Volunteer
32 Year Resident of Clarington


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